22 septembre 2017


The Fiji

We all know the “Fiji islands” but a lot of people don’t know where is it. Below are some informations about this beautiful country.

Country’s name : Republic of Fiji

Language : Fidjian, English, Fiji Hindi

Geography :

Fiji is in Oceania, it is a group of islands in the middle of the Pacific. There are around 300 islands, 110 of them are permanently inhabited. The main one is Viti levu where I am and where the most of the Fijians live (about three quarters of Fijians !). The other main island is Vanua Levu. Suva the capital is on Viti Levu. Fijian people live on the coasts because the middle of the island is sparsely inhabited.


Religion : Christianity, Islam, Hinduism

Currency : The fijian dollars (1 euro = around 2,42 FJD)

Time difference : 10 or 11 hours ahead of France, so when it’s 6 :00 am in France, it’s already 4 :00 pm in Fiji.

Economy :

The country has one of the most developped economy in the Pacific thanks to his resources like the forests, mineral and fish resources.

Another important part of the Fiji’s economy is obviously the tourism. The sandy beatches, the Botanical Gardens in Suva, Denarau, Sigatoka sand dunes attract a lot of tourists throughout the year.

History :

Fiji were discovered in 1643 by the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman and the English navigators including the Captain James Cook. He made further explorations during the 18th century.

At that time, the cannibalism was practiced in Fiji, but it disappeared little by little.

In 1879, Indian people came to work on the sugar plantations, now there are an important part of the Fijian people, around 44% of the population.


Culture :

The Fijian culture is a mix between indigenous Fijian, Indo-Fijian, Asian and European traditions.

The national sport is the rugby.

Transports :

The International airport is located in Nadi, there is another one in Nausori (near to Suva) for the domestics flights. The Fiji have their own airline, Fiji Airways.

On the main islands, there are a lot of cheap buses, this is the pincipal form of public transport for the Fijians. There are of course a lot of taxis quite cheap. To move around the little islands, there are a lot of ferries and private boats.

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