23 mai 2017

Chinese culture courses

In this article, I will talk about the Chinese culture classes providing by Madam Betty. I am going to developpe what I liked and how it was necessary for this expatriation. Chinese culture classes were a way to learn and understand more about Chinese people, their traditions and way of thinking. We studied the big lines of Chinese history, which allowed us to understand better Chinese people but also the very big and unify country, China.

I think it was very interesting to have the experience of living in china, and in the same time, learn the culture. We noticed things by ourselves and we had a better comprehension with the courses. I learnt a lot and more than that, the Chinese culture class helped me to overcome my prejudices about this country. I even fall in love with this civilization, its history, culture, and people. I want inspire me from Chinese culture to improve who I am and to be better. Now I have another vision of life. I finally understand how Chinese people think compared to French people. This helped a lot to create relation in and outside the campus. I made Chinese friends and I was able to adapt and communicate with local population during my holidays.

Courses were very interactive. It really pushes me to be interested and to learn more. I loved the fact that the teacher was very open minded and had an objective way to teach. Courses were very open to discussions and often leaded to great interactions. Indeed, there was a part of normal courses and another part with practical courses. I particularly enjoyed practical courses such as the Kung-Fu class. I am glad I had the chance to practice a martial art with a Kung-Fu teacher. It was quite hard but we had a lot of fun. There was also the writing experience with Chinese ink. In my opinion it was great, because I always wanted to try once. We had writing exercise of Chinese characters, with brushes and ink to test the Chinese calligraphy. I thought it was easier but the results always appear incredible to me. It is amazing that China has so much art in its culture. Even the tea ceremony is an art. It was my favorite practical course. I was really surprised and it gave me goose bumps. It was relaxing, interesting, very sophisticated but most of all, very delicious. Finally, a course that marked me a lot, was the one with the presentation of typical Chinese instruments. I found that these instruments were extraordinary compared to what I used to know. I really liked the musics played by the musicians that came specially to show us. In the contrary, the Chinese opera is not something I really liked. I am really happy these courses were in the program and I particularly enjoyed how Madam Betty teaches us.

To conclude, all these courses were an opportunity for us to realize the extent of Chinese culture. Because it was ludic and interesting, I now want to learn more about this civilization which has a lot to say. I am sure I will come back to visit more and discover more China and its culture full of surprises. 

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