5 avril 2017

The courses

Hello, today I will talk you about our first week of courses. So, the program for this year consists of master courses and Chinese courses. Master courses have as main goal to continue our formation for our degree and the Chinese courses lead us to learn Mandarin and to be more familiar with the Chinese culture. It is supposed to improve our Chinese knowledge and facilitate our expatriation.

To sum up our Chinese lessons, are weekly lesson of Chinese writing, speaking, Chinese culture and doing in business in china and for master courses, each two weeks, we study a new course with the final exam at the end of these two weeks. Our first international course was Global Trade and we continued with Tourism Marketing. Next courses are SHRM and financial management. All teachers of master courses are from IPAG and Chinese courses are assuring by local teachers.

Each course has different grade system based on participation, group project or mid-term. The only common point is the final exam during the last course of each course. If we failed an exam, we have the opportunities to have a second chance during the last week of courses but we must have at least 8 at the final exam.

Thanks for reading this article. I am working on an article which is going to be on the city center of Kunming. The city I am going to visit this weekend, so see you next week.

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