29 mars 2017

The university and dormitory

For this article, I will explain to you my arrival at our dormitory.

So, it’s after 12 hours of plane, that we finally arrived at Kunming. We took the company China eastern to literary travel the world. Plane was very tight for the distance, 2 line of sit from each side and a line of 3 seats in the middle.

When we finally leave the plane, the weather was cold and it was still dark. Chinese students already waited for us, and divide our group in two buses. We made 2 hours of bus but it was largely enough to have a complete change of scenery. They were constructions everywhere, unknown car brand, agriculture made in step, the landscape was completely different from what we known.

And when we arrived at the campus its was nothing comparable to French’s one. Huge entrance and inside a little city where supermarket, mobile operator, bank were present. There was also many and different place to have dinner or lunch, it was enormous. After we were divided in two different dormitories. Men and Girl are separated. All students from different countries are in the same stair. Boys are at the 13 floor and the second floor (of another dormitory) is for the girls.

We are very lucky to have room which are arrange for European. I mean that we are only two per rooms when Chinese share the room at 6. And boys have European toilet when we Turkish toilet. So, it’s in a room of 20 meters’ square plus a bathroom that with my roommate we are going to share this experience of three month.

Thank you for reading this article; the next one is going to be on my week of school. See you.

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