20 mars 2017

Travel to China

This article will talk about my travel to China. I choose to do my expatriation in china because I wanted to have my own point of view about this old country, be more familiar with the future main actor economically speaking and also because I am not sure to have once more in my life the opportunity to go back in china. 

So, It’s with 60 friends from IPAG and from different sections and campus (Master or Bachelor, from Nice and Paris), that we are going to spend 3 month in a country where culture and tradition are completely different. It will be a real challenge for us.

This year is the first year that we will be so numerous. Some students must live in apartment outside the campus. The rest will me accommodate within the university in dormitories, like the rest of Chinese student.

Our university will be “Yunnan Normal University”, it’s one of the major school in the surrounding of Kunming which regroups more than 15000 students from many different sections.

This article was just an introduction, and will follow article way more detailed on the experience I face every day. Next article will be on my arrival with my friend and my first day spend in the campus and Kunming.

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