6 janvier 2017




In the first place, the documentary study, allowed me to define better the subject, its place in the time and in the space. Then, we were able to notice that connected objects are not very present in Peru. This study brings to ask myself the question, in which conditions and under which shape it is possible to implant a connected objects market in Peru, accessible to the population.


From the following big questions, we developed a semi-directive meeting guide.

  • How new technologies are perceived?
  • What is the new technologies and connected objects’ degree of knowledge?
  • What is the degree of use of these new technologies and connected objects?
  • What are the purchases intentions and under which forms?
  • How to please consumers?


The interview guide consists of 4 themes and 17 open questions. Themes are:

THEME 1: relationship to the new technologies and the internet

THEME 2: access to internet and to the new technologies

THEME 3: expectations of future consumers

THEME 4: anticipation of the consumer purchasing behavior for connected objects.


Thanks to the conversations’ answers, I was able to deduct that it is completely possible to implant a market of objects connected in Peru. But there is still a lack of infrastructures, for the production like that was said in the documentary study, but also in term of distribution and access internet. Furthermore, the investment has to seem really profitable, and a minimum in adequacy with the average purchasing power.

Connected accessories would work better than a self-drive car. What want Peruvians it is an object which is going to help them for having a more practical life and for tasks which are boring or tiring. It's better to do its project in Lima, where the population is very important and very fond of innovations. The desire to have a connected object comes especially from the desire to acquire a new technology which will everyday life easier.

Peruvians are thus ready for the setting-up of connected objects, but an enormous communication is necessary. They need to be better informed about the needs which connected objects answered to. Expectations and needs are not really present, because the market is not really current and because they do not know enough. I think that an event, as a presentation show of connected objects would be one of the better ways. Then marketing will be very important, to arouse the necessity of having such objects, synonym of modernity. The modernity, such as it is, attracts a lot the young Peruvians. We now just have to wait that a big American or European Brand develop this market in Peru, by implanting specialized shops, or thanks to an informant web site. 

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