5 janvier 2017


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  • Cusco and how people live is surprising every day. Peruvians lead a simple life where working only means have enough to provide your family a warm house and food. But this life is unfortunately corrupted by some bad ideas like machismo or racism. 


  • Women always work with their child on their back or next to hers. They still use these colored tissues. 

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  • Rural people have no idea about life in developed contries. Every thing I could explain to them, about my life in France totally suprised them. 


  • The altitude sikness must be cured by water and not with coca tea. Coca tea desydrate your body which needs more water to create more oxygen. 


  • Ayahuasca is a peruvian drogue which attracte a lot of tourist. It a dangerous drogue and every year at least on people die from it. It's also aperuvian culture and 80% of the population living in the jungle has done it. It is supposed to give answers to your questions of existence. 

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  • Because humans are a threat for some ingigenous populations living in the jungle, the government protect these areas using snipers. If anyone approaches the zone without having the authorization, the sniper will shoot him and will bury his body parts, in different places. 


  • In the jungle, ants are huge. The most painful ant is, the bullet ant. A bite and you feel like you have been shot. They're so visible, that the case is quite rare. In the contrary, the little ones all come on you to bite you, and it's quite painful too.

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  • Every peruvian president had a jail time after their mandates, for different causes. Violation of human rights, corruption, drug trafficking and the list goes. 


  • Cusco is so touristic, that most of young people study tourism. Exept for special days like christmas, in the center, every peruvian you can see is here to sell you something. Furthermore it's way to earn money faster and quite easily. 


  • Almost every peruvian are late. It might be a secret tradition. At work, we uselly waited 15 or 20 minutes for Marco. When you meet the family or friends, expect to wait at least half hour.


  • Markets in peru are full of animation and very colored.

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