Synthesis of the work research

This research on connected objects allowed me to understand the market’s size of connected objects, as well as the reasons for their success: they represent very efficient tools in the field of the company, saving time, productivity, and optimization.

The interviews I realized indicate that the term "connected object" is still very vague among the general public, and their fields of application which is very wide, remains little known.

Indeed 85% of people do not know the term "connected object ". 

There are two kinds of connected objets : the wearable : like the watch, … or the independent connected objects as security camera.

Although these connected objects have common characteristics such as autonomy, connection, and identification, the companies that produce these connected objects are trying to diversify these connected objects more and more to put them at the service of entertainment: bracelet, glasses, Smartphones, … but also in the service of sports and health: watches that allow to monitor its energy expenditure and to improve its sports performance, remote examination, diagnostics thanks to connected devices, …

Research in this field is under way, but the use of connected objects is constantly increasing and the number could reach 80 billion by 2020 according to some estimates.

The fields of application of these connected objects are multiple and they could well increase in a few years: sports, health, housing, transport and business.

Concerning Mexico, despite the delay that this country has accumulated in the field of connected objects, many start-ups want to set up in this country (for example, Sigfox, the Toulouse-based startup specializing in connected objects) because the Mexican market Of connected objects is promising: the appeal and demand for these connected objects is very strong.

Since 2013, Mexican President Peña Nieito has launched a program to better connect the country. For this purpose, investments have been made, for example in the school sector: a program plans to provide shelves connected to the provision of All fifth and sixth graders in primary section.

However, despite all the advantages of connected objects, there are also some problems related to their use. Indeed, the fact that these connected objects are widely used in the company domain, and that these objects are often connected to computer networks, hackers often succeed in hijacking these connected objects in order to get into the computer network and seize confidential information. 
These piracy takes place at company scale, but also at the scale of independent consumers who can be hacked into their bank account. 
Most of these hackers are often the result of weak security systems: users are not vigilant enough about their password and their settings. 
It is therefore necessary to inform companies and consumers about the risks linked to the use of these connected objects and also to inform them about ways to enhance the security of their personal data.  We can not deny that these connected objects will be present in our future life and that research in this field will facilitate our daily life, but one question arises: how to develop products while avoiding the piracy of personal data? 
Some consumers expect a great deal from these objects, notably to improve the daily lives of the sick, but also to use these new technologies to serve the environment, for example by reducing energy consumption, but also CO2 emissions.


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