Also known as "Tecnológico", there are 26 ITESM campuses in South America, but most of them are located in Mexico. You can follow a large number of courses in this university: engineering, science, economics, international relations, architecture, mathematics, computer science, etc. 
The “Tecnológico” is ranked first in the rankings of Mexican universities, thanks to the quality of its teachers, as well as the many infrastructures available to students.  

The “Tecnologico” of Monterrey welcomes about 15,000 students each year. 
There is a swimming pool, 2 gymnasiums, a bookshop, a library under construction, green spaces, self service, a multitude of restorations: Subway, tacos and specialties sales Mexican, burgers, wok cuisine, ...  

The TEC also offers students to join various student associations that offer and organize various activities such as sightseeing, cultural activities, ... Students also have the opportunity to register with sports associations to practice regular physical activity during their semester. 
All these infrastructures and organizations contribute to the construction of a positive, stable and stimulating environment for the foreign student. A student who feels good in his university is necessarily more apt to succeed in his semester.

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