This sedentary civilization dominated the south and the center of Mexico from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century. The Aztecs inherited the knowledge of the Toltecs, especially in painting, sculpture and pictographic writing. They were Mexico's most advanced civilization and dominated this region with the members of their Triple Alliance.

The Aztec city "Mexico-Tenochtitlan" was built in 1370, and is called in honor of the priest Tenoch, guide of the expedition. It was the arrival of the conquistadors on their land in 1519 that put an end to their reign. Led by Hernan Cortes, the seat of the city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan was won by the conquistadors who won the battle and ended up capturing the last of the Aztec leaders. 

Aztec culture also relies heavily on their religious beliefs. This civilization was polytheistic and considered itself as the chosen people of the sun, that is to say, by the gods, because according to their beliefs the Sun did not originally exist, it was the Gods who sacrificed themselves so that their Death can enlighten the world.

In order to feed this light given by the gods, the Aztecs make divine sacrifices to prevent the return of the shadow.

This ceremony took place at the top of a large temple on a sacrificial stone, where a priest opened the victim's chest to extract his heart and make it leather in a stone oven. The victim, who was often a prisoner of war, was dressed in specific religious garments that incarnated the Gods.

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