13 juin 2017

5 days in Barcelona

During this semester, I didn't have a lot of time to visit and discover the city. But in march, my parents came visit me so we took this time together. They were here during 5 days, from wednersday to sunday. 

Day 1:

My parents arrived at 9am, I was already at work. We had lunch together in a little burger restaurant next to my office. It was good to see them, then I had to go back at work. At 6pm, we took the bus and went to downtown, Las Ramblas, and I showed them my apartment, my street, my life there. 

Day 2: 

We had lunch together again, discovering Tapas. Then after work we went shopping and we had dinner in a restaurant. 

Day 3: 

We didn't have lunch together this time because my parents wanted to spend the day visiting. After work, my chiefs organized an "after work party", to welcome my parents. So we moved fournitures and bought some food and drinks. It was a good moment. Then at 8pm we decided to go, but it was rainning a lot ! We couldn't find a taxi, so we had to walk and we were totally wet. 

Day 4:

First day of the weekedn, we could have a brunch in a very famous brunch coffee, waiting 1 hour before having a table, but it was worth it ! Then we visited the Picasso Museum, and the neighborhood El Raval. 

Day 5:

Last day, we spent time at the beach and eating culinary specialities. Then it was time to say goodbye. 

This time with my family was benefit for me, it allowed me to have a break in my internship. 


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