6 décembre 2016

Campus – Tec de Monterrey

The campus is really huge. You can be late just because you are walking since 10 minutes inside the campus! You can find restaurants such as Starbucks Coffee, Super Salads, you can eat crepes or churros. There is a lot of food trucks, two big cafeterias very cheap.

Animals live there, like deers, peacocks, turkey cocks, squirrels, ducks, and others. They are used to see humans everyday and sometimes (often) they come to eat your food! The campus is full of trees and flowers, nature is very important. 

You can go to the gym for free, and there is a lot of sports and cultural activities like dance (all kind of dance), basketball, music, singing, etc you can choose at the beginning of the semester. 

There is an entire building just to study, with a lot of tables and sofas over 4 floors, but people use it to eat or to stay with their friends, play videogames… You can also find students who sell candies and cookies.

There are guards at each entrance, if you don't have your student card, you have to tell them your student ID and they verify your identity. It's very difficut to enter inside the campus if you're not a TEC student. 

At the beginning I was completely lost, I had to ask and check the map to find a building. 

Here you can find some images I recorded walking in the campus: https://youtu.be/rJ7nJouZVCg 

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