May 2017, my year abroad is officially done. What to say? It was the year that I was waiting for since the High School and it's already past. It went too fast. To conclude this semester, I will say that thanks to it, I learnt more about myself and my own culture. I had to live abroad for a long period to realize that my way of living in Paris suits me perfectly and that I don’t want to change it.


I also know me better in a personal and professional way. For sure this international working experience helped me to acquire and develop my skills, such as my language, my open-mindedness or my communication and marketing competence. I discovered a different way of working, a new company, a new team, new processes. It's a new and rich experience that I can add on my resume to justify my skills and explain my career history. 


Moreover, this internship allowed me to be sure about the choice of my master and my future career. Now, I can’t wait to start my master because I had the impression to go one step further in my professional life.


It's true that I largely preferred my semester in Finland and, to be honest, I already missed it a so much that I don't know how I will do to start again a year at Ipag without my Erasmus team and this atmosphere that I loved so much! 


After one year abroad, I change a lot my point of view and my way of thinking. I would like to travel a lot more to discover more countries and cultures – for a smaller period otherwise Paris misses me too much – But who knows, maybe one day I will fall in love with another city and wouldn’t move anymore…

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