Malta was a total discovery for me. As I said in a previous article, I never went on this Island and I didn't know anything about the country, the culture or whatever. So when I arrived, I tried, visited, I explored to understand this country. I worked and lived with Maltese from different age and different career so now I have a good knowledge about the Maltese culture and way of living. The first thought that I had it's that the Maltese culture such as the language is a mix between Latin and Arabic culture. 

That’s true that I compared a lot my culture or my way of living in Paris with the one in Malta. After 4 months of working and living with Maltese people, I realized more than during my first semester that I’m really proud to be French and that my way of living in Paris clearly fit me more than the two other countries where I lived this year, but mostly compare to this semester. For sure I would not be able to live in Malta, 4 months is more than enough. In the first place, because the island is small and there is really not a lot to do so after 5 days off I already did everything that you need to do and see in Malta. Moreover, I don’t know how the Maltese can live like that but most of the shops are close on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday. So it was a bit complicate to find activities. I agree that during summer you can go to the beach but during winter you just stay at home. That was difficult to understand for me and especially because the central heater doesn’t exist here: it was almost colder inside than outside. Sleeping with big jogging and three layers of pull were definitely not comfortable. It was colder in my Maltese’s apartment than in the one that I had in Finland, just imagine! 

In the same way, the way of living is slowly and peaceful but too peaceful for me. People are not enough dynamic from my point of view and doesn’t have enough respect in the daily life. They just don’t care if it’s 6 am and that you are still sleeping, they talk really loud in the apartment and call I don’t know who just in front of your room or even use the vacuum cleaner but then do nothing during the rest of the day. Even at work. We were working in an open space and when two of the employees had nothing to do they start screaming and shouting like children. But it seems really common there. This was not exceptional but almost quotidian and I can’t understand how you can work like that. The table of the intern was close to the one where you can take your lunch and when they decide to have lunch you can’t work anymore it’s impossible. I think that having a good atmosphere and relationship with all your colleague is truly helpful to improve the efficiency of work, but that was not creating a good climate but the contrary. Some groups appeared. Moreover, they all have a high level in English and even with 4 interns and 2 employees that don’t talk a word of Maltese they can’t stop talking their language in front of us. I realized that all the Maltese were like that so may be that in France we have much more principle or rules and that’s why it seemed rude to me.


Another part that I didn’t expect here was the traffic. It’s a big problem for everyone. In fact, there are 759 vehicles for every 1,000 residents and every day you are stuck in the traffic to go to work and to come back from work. Unfortunately, the only transport public that exists in Malta is the bus. Even with bus lane, it’s not enough and you are in the traffic as well as people with a car. So, most of the time you arrive late but at the office, no one is surprised because they know the traffic and the public transport. In Finland, for example, the buses were always on time but here you can’t know if your bus is coming on time or even if it is not coming at all.


Nevertheless, I was surprised to see the richness of Malta’s landscape. You can pass by a beautiful countryside landscape with flowers and grass till your knees and then something more like a desert but without sand to finish on a beautiful hidden beach with pink sand and azure water of the most transparent. It’s an amazing country to visit in holidays. 

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