28 of April, today was my last day in Malta, tomorrow early in the morning I will take my plane to go back in France. So it was also my last day of internship. I have a lot of tasks to finish to let my place perfectly clean and done for the intern that was going to take my place. We all have lunch in a restaurant to celebrate my last day. It was really nice because they gave me a lot of advice and I gave them feedback about my internship in their company.  

My manager also ask me to do a meeting to explain to her what I did for the next intern but also for that she tell me what she thought about my work during those four months. 

During my last week I also make the interviews for my research about the internet of things. During those interviews I realized a lot of thing about Malta and the worker of this island. 

For dinner I went out with my friend for a last meeting and to share another funny moment with them.

For me, it was time to go. In fact, after 9 months abroad I needed to come back home and find Paris again. It wasa nice experience and I can say that I discover a lot on myself and for sure I change a bit my way of thinking. I met new people that became friends because we were all alone on this island without any family or other people that we knew before. 


I would like to thanks my friends, the company that welcome me for a nice internship and also all the team that works with me.

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