Teaching – Week15&16

At this time it was almost time to go home for me, so the new intern that was going to take my place arrived. I have to welcome him but also to explain him how works the company and then the work that we have to do and how to do it. It was a bit complicate because I was so slowly to understand and so shy that I was hard to work with him. Moreover, it's an internship with a big part of digital and a lot of work on social network. But he had no idea how it work and he never went on this so I had to explain from the whole beginning and because of that I waste a lot of time. 
At the begining I thaught that it was me that was not enough patient to be a teacher but then I realized that the whole team was not comfortable with him. 


Those weeks was really nice because the weather started to be like in july : sunny everytime, really warm temparature and long day. So with my friend we went to a beach in the south of Malta where we had a really good time to burn on the sand. One of these weekend was a long one thanks to a public holidays. We organised a big brunch with maltese food but also food from our different countries : France, Netherland and Belgium. Then we ate everything on the balcony and then went to Valetta to see the fireworks which was really impressive. 
The day after we went again to the beach and to Marsaxlokk. To dine we went to Birgu where one of our friends lived. We went to a really nice and cheap restaurant where a lot of cats was waiting for some petting. 

This weekend was one of the best one that I had in Malta, it was PERFECT. 

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