INTERNS TEAM – Week11&12

After a quiet period at the office, my manager went back and new interns also. Now we were four: two girls for Netherlands and one from the Dutch part of Belgium. Sometimes it was a bit complicated because I was the only one that didn't speak Dutch. But hopefully, we had a nice friendship so this was only exceptional moments. When the new interns arrived, we had new tasks: more live content! Every Fridays we went to the shop – that are the customers of vouchercloud – to take pictures and make videos to promote the new collection and our offers on the social networks such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories. It was nice to discover the shops and the manager there. Moreover, we met vouchercloud's users and they gave us feedback to improve the app and the service. We also start to create and introduce competition games on Facebook for special events like during Maltese's public holidays or easter. 

Furthermore, I ask Roxanne – my manager – to give me new tasks. In fact, my daily tasks were not enough and I was really curious about the online campaigns and the tools to manage them, such as Google Adword and Analytics but also Facebook Manager and BlueShift. So after my request I had meeting with my manager and the other employees to learn a bit the goal of these tools, how to use them and extract numbers or other information. Then to prepare easter, everyone had a lot of work so I had more responsabilities and they gave me small tasks on these software and to check the online advertising.

I think this part of my internship was the best because I discovered new things and went to another level in the digital communication. I was really satisfacied because it was totally fitting my wish of future career and it was also a good transition to choose and then – in a long term – start my master. 

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