NORTH MALTA – Week10&11

Almost the end, but time for me to make a break in my internship to discover the northern part of the Island. 

After 1,5 hour of bus, I arrived in a new city: Buggiba. The Northern part of the country is really quiet during this period because it's essentially a touristic destination so it was nice for me to discover this place without a lot of people but still with an awesome weather. Yes, because since mid of February the temperature didn't go under 18 degrees. 


Beaches, palm trees, ice-cream, activities with horses or on the water, boat trip: this is a sum up of 4 days in the North of Malta. The water is transparent and an amazing blue! You can also go to the Popeye village. It's an amusement park where one of the Popeye's movie was made. You can learn a bit about Popeye and his movies, make your own movie or take part in a boat trip, play mini-golf and a lot of other activities. This park is located in the left part of the island – opposite to Buggiba – but where the beaches and the view are absolutely beautiful. Not far away, you also can take part in a ride with horses to see the sunset! Of course, a lot of cats are everywhere. Malta is the island of cats ! heart

I think it's the best place to stay if you go to Malta for holidays !



After this amazing trip, I went back to my place and start again my internship. At this time my tasks were a bit always the same so I started to be bored because nothing was new and there were not a lot of work anymore. But my manager was in holidays so I waited that she came back to ask her new tasks. To wait I read a lot of articles to stay up to date and I found a digital and online formation with Google that I started to learn new things and maybe discover new tools which would be useful for vouchercloud.  

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