On the end of February Malta was preparing the whole island for the CARNIVAL. I discover that here it's something really in the culture and every year all the Maltese party for it. They celebrate it since 1535. This year, it was from the 23rd till the 28th of February. Two big celebrations are waiting: the one in Gozo and the one in Valletta. During almost one week many events happened and for everyone: during the day for everyone, family, child, teenager… and during the night a lot of parties are organized for the student in Malta. Floats, costumes parades, dance battle but also many stands where you can find games, masks, and the typical food during the carnival, such as the "Prinjolata" with almonds, eggs, chocolate and cherries. The one in Valletta is organized and really professional contrary to the one in Gozo where it's only people like you and me who create costumes and small floats to celebrate the carnival. My Maltese colleague told me that everyone was waiting for it and if it was not that expensive every single Maltese would do a float. The others make costumes really strange that you can see only here, I think! It's not to be the most beautiful but the most complicate. 

The school of dance parade makes me think about the Rio carnival but here it's not samba! I was also really impressed with the costumes and the floats because oh my good they were really detailed and big! That was something really professional and impressive. The whole Sunday the parades goes to Valletta to show the floats and the costumes with music and dance. There were a lot and all completely different floats. 


I was really not prepared for that. In fact, the only carnival countries that I know are Brazil of course and Italy more for the Venezia's masks. It was really funny and I was like a child watching all these colors and the costumes. I was even jealous because they were really amazing! More than the professionals that were in the parades most of the Maltese people were also disguised and every single child even babies had one! It was really super cute and I'm happy that I participated in it. Malta is so a quiet country and Valletta most of the time empty, that it was a really surprise to see that much people out and participate in it. I think that the Maltese are truly attached to their cultures.



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