Gzira View


After one month, my parents decided to come to visit me. My father and my mother already went a weekend in Malta something like two years ago and they really enjoyed it so they were exciting to come when they knew that my internship will be there. 


I can take two days per month so I ask my manage who said yes so I can plainly enjoy their visit. Moreover, the friday was a day off because it's a national ppublic holiday. Malta is a small island but if you don't have a car to go from a side to another one in public transport is impossible! So I was happy because thanks to them I could discover more. 


Their apartment was in Gzira which is next to Sliema with a beautiful view and so central to explore the whole island. Of course, we went to Valletta which is the capital and where you can visit the St Jon's Cathedral and other museum and garden such as the Upper Barrakka but also watch a movie with sensation about the history of Malta, which is funny and less boring than a simple documentary. 

We also went to Mdina which is the old capital of Malta and Rabat. Those cities are really historical one where a lot of war happend during the Knight time. My little brother really enjoy to see dungeon and other important place for the knights. 

We also visited the three cities which are the cities in front of Valletta so you can go there by boat and then admire a beautiful view on Valletta. Every evening we went to Sliema or St Julian's to eat specialties of Malta, like pastizzi and the rabbit but also to have a beautiful view on the sea. 

For the last entiere day we went to the Poppeye village which is located to the North of the Island. It was really funny and interesting to know more about this city, the movie and have a really amazing view. After to end the day we went shopping and enjoy a really sweet desert. 

The sunday morning we discovered the market in Marsaxlokk which is a small fishing village. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat of course a lot of different kind of fish but also buy souvenirs. We hate there on terrace before that they left and refound the rain – and snow – again! 

That was a really beautiful week thanks to the weather but also a rich week by discovering culture and important place for this country.

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