During my second week, the agency thing me another apartment where I moved. So now, I'm living with a woman and her son. I share the living room and the kitchen but I have my own room, of course, but also my own bathroom. 

One thing that you should know about Malta, before coming to live it's that the central heating doesn't exist. So it's absolutely cold inside my apartment but also at my office. I didn't expected to be colder in Malta than in Finlande! But you get use to it, and now that the weather is only sun and temperature around 16 degrees, it's getting better! 

Another point, is the hot watter. In my apartment to wash the dishes there is NO hot watter so it's a bit difficult! And to take a shower I have to turn it on and wait approximately 2hours to be sure that I will have enough hot watter. And you have to choose : cold water or burn yourself with the hot one because you can't have the middle! 


But now that I'm use dto it, I really apreciate this place, Hamrun, because I live 15 minutes away from my work and 10 minutes form Valetta. The only point which is not perfect is that the parties are in St Jullian's and I need 20min – without traffic – to go there, which is ok but to go back home I need a taxi. 

You also have to know that in Malta there is more cars than people so to go somewhere where you normally need 15 minutes it can became 1 hours and in peak hours some bus just doesn't stop because they are too full already. 


It's a completely different way of life. People are slowly, and to drive here you have to be crazy or unconscious! The shop are close the weekend or open the Saturday morning and one shopping mall is open the whole Saturday. It's really difficult for me to be climate and live here, it's a perfect place to have holiday but for sure I can't live here. I need more city center and urban life! Yes that's true, I'm a real Parisian…. 

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