31 mai 2016

Summary of internship report

The company hired me for a four months period from the 1th of February 2012 to the 30th of May in Logistic and Marketing field. I was able to work for different positions and to accomplish various tasks.

Sun Enterprises is a leading manufacturer and supplier of leather, cords, locks and Jewell components. It is a B.V which corresponds to a SARL in France. The company is located in the industry area of Almere, the exactly address is Antennestraat 62, 1322 AT Almere. Before Almere,the brothers worked in USA thanks to their family. The company has been created in 1991, it is a family business.

The company is leaded by two Indians brothers. It is the second generation, all the family is a part in the company, we do not work with the rest of the family, we just see them sometimes thus I could not distinguish their roles in the society moreover they only speak Indian between us. All the staffs except the India’s family are young girls in internship who come from to different nationality.

Below some data to describe the firm:

  • Leading leather manufacturer and distributor
  • 25 000 different available references
  • 37 countries served
  • 18 Employees
  • 8 different nationalities
  • 6 production facilities

I managed different assignments during my internship. First, I managed an order. That means to communicate with the customer, find the products needed, make out the invoice and send it via FEDEX, DPD or UPS. Then, I had to take care of the communication of some customers, that means inform them about our news products, send picture about some potential products, treat the complains and promote the brand in sending samples or something else. Furthermore, I had to translate the website from English to French. He also gave to me the responsibility to make folders about all our locks with the help of other ladies because we have got more than 1500 locks.  Those tasks were shared with all the other girls, even if some girls did not work on the content of the website or on the locks. I had the opportunity to work in all the field contrary to the other girls, indeed some of them was focused in the content or the locks and did not work on other things.

There were only one thing that I was the only one to do, it is the inventory. During one week, I counted all the MGST locks (stainless) that we have got in stock because no one’s made the inventory since a while. 

During the internhsip, I met some problems with the customers but thanks to my last internhsip I managed it. 

I learnt to be perseverant. In fact, I had to take care of some customers who needed urgently items that were not available. So, it was my duty to check the stock and alert my chief to make sure the orders were placed and then dispatched from the factory.  It was really important for me because it was indispensable to create and keep a good relationship with customers and develop a strong customer loyalty.


During this placement, I had to live abroad and experience flat sharing. It was really great. That strengthened my ability of adjust which is an important asset in a professional field. Thanks to this experience, I am able to work abroad and I would like to try the experience again later. 

As I was able to work independently and try different positions within Sun Enterprises, I have the feeling that I modestly contributed to the evolution of the company and that I slightly helped it to reach its main objective: established itself as leader on the European market.

Obviously I encountered some difficulties and I made some mistakes, but in overall, I think that I was able to overcome those hassles. And as we say, we are always learning from our mistakes. 

Thanks to this internship, I learned many things either about life on the workplace. In fact, now I know more about my assets and weaknesses. I have understood how to make a good business. The relationship between the workers and the co-directors is essential. 

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