12 mai 2016

Utrecht and De Haar Castle

Utrecht is known as a dynamic city with many students, owing to huge and famous university. The city is located in the center of the Netherlands. In 2012, there were 316 448 habitants. It is the fourth biggest city of the country after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.

 From Amsterdam, there are many trains to go to Utrecht, it is only 30 minutes. As many towns in this land, the canal are an important part in Utrecht. That really allows a romantic and relax atmosphere. 

Indeed, the city is dynamic through the numerous museums, monuments and activities. The city is not only great for the culture thanks to the numerous museums like the Centraal museum, the university's museum inter alia, but also for doing shopping and have a blast.


If you have the opportunity to go to Utrecht, you absolutly need to visit the Dom tower ( see picture) which is the oldest and highest church in Holland. The tower has been built between 1321 and 1382 and the high is 112 meters. You could visit the tower which offering a beautiful point of view on the entire city. Furthermore, there is a cathedral combined with the visit of the tower.

RTEmagicC_parkplattegrondvoor_v1_01.pdfThe city proposes also unic experience, for example on 2 June 2014 there were the Domunder. According to the website Holland.com, DoMunder is a unique visitors’ centre beneath Domplein square Utrecht, where you will be able to see the 2000 years of history buried below the city like an archaeologist.

Another thing to visit is the De Haar Castle. The castle is located at 14km to the city center. Nevertheless, there is bus and train to go to the castle. The first castle was in 1391, the family De Haar received this castle as fiefdone from Hendrik van Woerden.The monument is renoved in 1892, the syle is Neo-Gothic. Nowadays, many tourists visit the castle and the parks. There are also some animals in the parks and a labyrinth. It is really a pleasant location for relaxing in an amazing place.

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