12 mai 2016

Economy of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a strong economy, it is considered as a developed country. The country performed in many fields as electronic field, agriculture or industrial field. 

The country is a member of the European Union since 1951 and also it is a part of Schengen area. That really strengthens the economy of the country and highlights the relationships with their neighborhoods. The currency is Euro, that permits to facilitate the trade in Europe. 

Furthermore, owing to the taxes policies in the country and the strategical location, many international companies are based in this country like Shell, Unilever, ING Group and ABN AMRO.


The relations between the Netherlands and Belgium

In reason of their location, the both countries maintain close relations. Not only have they a good relationship in political field but also in economic field. In fact, The Netherlands is one of the most important trading partner for Belgium, moreover, after Germany it is the biggest market for Belgian according to the government website.

We could explain this link through the history. Indeed, in 1980, there is the Nederlandse Taalunie, that means for the countries to establish the Dutch Language Union in order to increase cooperation in the language field, that also helps the economic field inter alia. To make the link more real, there is an agreement in 1997 about the  fields of culture, educational, scientific and social exchanges.

Finally, every year there are some events between the two countries with the aim of keeping good relationship. 

The relationship between the Netherlands and Germany

The two countries have an excellent relation. As with Belgium, they are closed in many fields as political, economic, social, cultural, administrative and personal ties.Germany has the most powerful economy in Europe, hence it is really important to keep good relationship with this country. They are working together in order to maintain an economy stable and safe.

Another point is important, Dutch people speak very well German thus it is really easier for trade and keep the link strength.

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