8 mai 2016
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Maastricht is the capital of the province of Limburg. For many people is one of the most beautiful and romantic city of The Netherlands. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest city of the country, if you walk through the town you could admire the ruins, churches, battlments inter alia. That give a huge charm to the city and that creat also a strong good athmosphere.

In 2012,there were around 126 000 habitants.

For the history, the town was found by the Romans in 50BC owing to its strategical location which is next to water.

Then, during the Middle-Age the town is an important place for religious tourism. In fact, the pilgrims went to the grave of St Servatius. They built the grave of Saint Servatius in the 6th century, Roman Catholic St.Servaaskerk is the oldest chrch in the Netherlands. Inside the monument, you ould also find a variety of sacred objects, statues and pcitures. The economy and the society of the city was focused on this part during this period. Nowadays, there are still some signs from this period in the city.

Since 1830, many industries settled down in the town. Following this event, the city has been known as an industrial city.

Now, we will see the different things to see in Maastricht.

First, there is the Bonnefanten Museum, a museum of Art . There are different paintings from  the Dutch Masters, there is also medieval art. Then, there is the basilica of our laday built around 1000 AD.

There is also the St.Pietersberg Caves and  the Natural History Museum.


For doing shopping, Maastricht is the good place to be. In fact, there is a wide range of shops. The areas Grote and Kleine Straat are full of shops. There is also a market on Wednesday and on Friday.


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