Good surprise in Malta


Here we are,it is June and almost the end of this amazing expatriation.

Fortunately, two of my best friends visited me. Given that my apartment owner is nice and not strict as the usual apartment owners in Malta, I could invite my friends at my flat. They came for one week during my last month and after their expatriation. I did not see them for awhile, and I missed them.

We had a funny week, and we did a lot of things. No time to have rest 

We visited the main cultural sites such as Mdina, Valeletta and the three cities. 

Then, we went to one of my favourite beach, Tuffieha Bay, paradise Bay; and obviously in St. Peter’s Pool. Shopping in Sliema and Valletta. Night life in Paceville.

I am going to describe one day of our journey:

We decided on a friday morning, to go to St. Perter’s Pool next to Marsaxlokk. Usually, the fish market is open on Sunday, but how lucky we were, we realised that the fish market was open. Therefore,  we did a first stop in Marsxlokk, and visited the market. Moreover, the bay is stunning there. It is a fishing bay, and we can enjoy of an amazing view of Luzzu surrounded all the bay. Luzzu is the typical Maltese fishing boat. During the market, we found good deals, as sunglasses for 5€, hat for 5€ and trendy cheap bracelets. My friend Aurore found her happiness in a handmade fishing bag made by an old lady. She made it in front of us while she was talking about her life. She was adorable. She had always worked in the fish market, and with his family. His son was working on an other stand near of her stand. Even if she is retired, she still works. We had a good contact and his son picked us up to St. Peter’s Pool for 5€ per person. It is usually 40 min by walk. When we arrived there, it was the first time we went there, and were amazed of the sites. It is a stunning and natural swimming pool. We staid 4-5 hours there. We brought our food and as good French girls we bought cheese, bread, charcuterie and a good bottle of white wine. We had fun to jump from the rocks, swim and enjoyed the sun. 

After this great afternoon, we went back not too late because we had a party at a friend's flat. It was a great opportunity to introduce my friends.

I loved spending my time with these two beauties. Thanks to them, that they visited me 


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