Internship Malta Synthesis – Vodafone Malta Ltd



For my third year at Ipag Business School, I had to do an internship abroad for four months. I decided to do my internship at Vodafone Malta Ltd, one of the subsidiaries of the Vodafone Group Plc.

Firstly, the group is the second largest operator telecommunication company in the whole word. This British multinational has its headquarter in London, and it operates over 30 countries, with more than 50 partners' countries with network. Vodafone Malta Ltd is situated in Lija city, next to the airport at the Skypark Business Centre.  The company has 4 main stores and over 500 dealers in the island. 

Secondly, I choose to go in Malta, because I was curious to discover this Maltese archipelago full of history, constituted of 3 islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Even if Malta is the largest island, it is still a tiny island of 316 kilometres. Nevertheless, this country is rich of history, art, culture, heritage sites. Its capital, which is Valletta, is a Unesco Word Heritage listed. 

During my internship, I was a "fixed operation interns" in the Outbound Sales Department, which is the Call Centre for customer care. My tutor was Daniel Deguara, the indirect channel senior executive, and there are 20 employees in the department. My missions, were in a first part, some daily reports of the employees' performance. Then, I mainly worked on the overall end of year channel analyses and the detailed budget sales targets. I was involving in projects such as a starter pack distribution and the performance's goal analyses of the department. I learnt about different fields such as marketing, communication, analyses…

This internship gave me professional achievements; It was quite a new challenge for me, I had to adapt myself to a new culture in how to live and work in a foreign country.

I liked to see how we could go through the language barrier, and the difference of culture

Then with my missions and my projects, I got knowledge in different field, I mainly improve my Pack Office tools. Mostly of my time, I had to work with my computer. With all my daily reports, the dashboards and the analysis I did and transferred on PowerPoint; I took habits and learnt new useful formulas, and shortcuts that excel provides. Maltese people speaks both English and Maltese, and to work with them was a great opportunity to improve my English skills.

On an other hand, I could link my courses to the tasks requested. At the beginning, I have applied what I learnt at school, and it was very helpful when I was stuck in a task. Moreover, to work with Maltese people, brought me a lot of personal achievements, I wanted to overpass myself all the time, and did not ant to disappoint my tutor. 

Moreover, this expatriation was a amazing experience, and I loved to live in Malta. I learnt about the Maltese culture and its history.


Moreover, to work with Maltese people, brought me a lot of personal achievements, I wanted to overpass myself all the time, and did not ant to disappoint my tutor. 

Thanks to this internship, I worked in different department, and I could realise which one suits me best. Even if the whole internship was interesting, the marketing and communication missions were the most interesting part for me. That reinforced my desire to do the International Marketing diploma with events in my fifth year at IPAG BS.




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