Boat Day

Luzzu boatOne of my German friends had an amazing idea… He booked a boat from 10 am to 4pm on a Saturday to get around the 2 islands next to Malta. First of all, it is always complicated to have an easy day when you want to go to Gozo or Comino.


First and foremost, the way to get the boat it is about 1hour by bus. As it is a sunny period you are always snarled up, and the bus is always full. Good luck to get one seat during the travel. Then, you have to take the boat, once you stop to Gozo you have to take another one if you want to visit Comino, so you had better do it another day.

To avoid wasting your time in transports, and being able to see some spots in Gozo and Comino, best thing to do it is to rent a boat.

Moreover, my friend found a good deal, we were 27people on the boat and we paid 14 euro per person for all the day. It is better to rent a boat only with friends than to get the tourist boat which are crowed and you do not know the people. ( At least 20 euros )

As the captain was cool, we were able to bring ours own food & drinks. I spent between 5-10 euros in a supermarket. The boat got a roof equipped with speakers, where we enjoyed tanning and eating awhile listening chill music. For the most adventurous of us, we had fun in jumping from the roof in the azure sea. Nonetheless, it was funnier to jump from the high rocks of Comino .

Fortunately some friends though about diving mask and snorkel, that made us discover the maritime fauna of these two islands.

We had a guide and he picked us up in the north of the island and showed us the most beautiful spots around Gozo and Comino. One of my favourite was blue lagoon; anybody cannot be stunned with the landscape and the incredible azure water.

Blue lagoon is a wide open lagoon with a base of white sand and rocks, where you can swim, snorkel or lie in the beach…

I had so much fun, and I loved to be around these two islands. We did twice yet, I do not think it is going to be the last.

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