A day in Marsaxlokk





In Malta you cannot miss Marsaxlokk. This place is known for its fish market, and its amazing bay full of typical Maltese boats named “Luzzu “, the traditional fishing boat.

By the way, any Malta’s seaside village is surrounded by a large number of Maltese luzzu. This colourful boat is a tradition for Maltese people, and there are a lot of boats floating in the bays. It goes through the history, and date back to the times of the ancient Phoenicians. The boat it is full of traditions and particularities, because of its bright colours, mainly painting in blue, yellow, green and red. Moreover, the pair of eyes engraved in the front of the boat. From the history, it refers to the Phoenician’s god of protection from Evil, the eyes of Orisis or Horus.

After enjoying the view of these traditional Maltese boats, you can walk along the fish market and discover the typical fresh or Maltese products.  The market is along the bay, and surrounded by many fish restaurants.


The best day to go there is on Sunday, because it is the only day the market is all open. You have to wake up early if you do not want to miss your bus or do not get it because of the lack of places on the bus. Usually, it is good to arrive around 10-11am.

When I went in Marsaxlokk with my friends, we started to do the fish market during 1-2 hours along the seaside’s village of Marsaxlokk, we found a lot of fresh fishes, vegetables, typical Maltese foods. We also found products made by hand, likeas a typical fish bag. We stopped at that stand and we talked with an old retired women, it is her who is doing the bags and other stuffs. She explained that she is working since she could work, and now it is a family business. His son is working with her on another stand who presents other products.


After walking through the market and saw all we can see, we decided to eat. It is cool, because you have numerous choices in fish restaurant there. The only thing is do not choose a touristic restaurant and try to find the local one. Obviously, we did the wrong choice, but it was a great moment, the food was good, and we enjoyed the good place.

I advise people who wants to travelling in Malta, to make one stop there! 

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