Kayak among the islands


This week I want to tell you more about Gozo. Gozo or “joy” in Castilian is the first and biggest little island of Malta, this place is very beautiful and was used for some movies like Troie or even for Tv shows like Games of Throne. You can feel a tranquil haven and all the charm of Malta’s sister island because it is greener, smaller and more rural. The island also comes complete with historical sites, forts and amazing panoramas, as well as one of the archipelago's best-preserved prehistoric temples, Ġgantija. Gozo also possesses a nightlife and cultural calendar all of its own, with some great dining out. Nightlife on the Islands is always bustling, even if the vibrant calendar of events gets leaner during some periods, there are always scores of clubs to visit, excellent wine bars and first-rate restaurants to try. In another way, I stop to talk about that because it is not my main subject for today. We plan to do a kayak day around Gozo. Because seeing the island on the ground is wonderful, watch it directly from the sea is marvellous. We have the opportunity to go around with a guide to show us the best place to visit around the island. He shows us some marine caves. They are amazing. It can be disturbing inside because of the calm but it is so peaceful that when you come out of them you feel very relax. We do the travel to Comino. 4 km against the waves and the wind. It is painful but fortunately, I am not alone on the boat and my strong mate drive me all the way. We go to blue lagoon, my favourite beach, and swim there under the sun. It is a beautiful place and we snorkel. There are a lot of different fishes with different colours. Afte that we go back by the same way. Again the 4 km to join Gozo. We all stop there because we are tired. This is a nice day, the first time I use kayak and I feel very tired to have paddle a lot. Thanks to the guide, we could all go home safely because 2 of my friend fall into the water. Haha, it was so funny. It is a nice thing to do and I recommend you to do the same if one day you want to visit Gozo and Comino.

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