9 juin 2016

Dublin’s atmosphere

Pubs Dublin is a great city. At all levels. The conservative architecture is really impressive and it sometimes seems that we stayed in the 1900's, especially in Dublin's centre.

The roads are still paved of the same tiles, the facades of buildings, the windows, everything is old and perfectly preserved.

Tourists are everywhere, especially in the Temple Bar area. Pubs are  so crowded that customers sometimes have to drink their beer on the sidewalk, invading the roads and mingling with passersbies.

The streets are overrun with musicians and artists who face everyone by doing their numbers, with a hat or a wide oppenned guitar case in front of them on the floor, in order to encourage passersby to let it drop a little coin.



The roads are clean, well maintained, and we find no drawings or posters on the walls of houses and shops. There is also just a very few spaces, or even not at all, to rest a few minutes down the street. Indeed, apart from along the river and canals, and inside of some parks, I have never seen any public bench in the streets. The Irish do not wander elsewhere outside without reason, and prefer to take refuge in pubs and restaurants rather than just walking.

This is a welcoming and safe city, with lovely people taking good care of it.

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