5 juin 2016

Ireland : my internship missions

Realize Market Researches

During the first month, my mission was to take inventory of all the European Mobile Operators into an excel sheet. It requested very specific market researches about their needs, but also confidential information about the contracts that I had to track down into various press releases (2G/3G and 4G gear vendors, number and frequencies of bands used…). My main activity was to conduct researches in order to know which Mobile operator to target for our services. This work solicited an impressive amount of days because of the numerous articles I had to find, read and select. I also spent a day at the Market Research Centre of Dublin, on my chief’s request. This was the best option for me to understand the Telecommunication market and its actors, and it even sharply enhanced my reading fluidity in English.

Administrate the CRM tool: SalesForce

The second month, I started real business development activities such as the update and the creation of new opportunities related to customers’ accounts, or one particular contact, in Salesforce. I also created the pipelines (a follow-up documentation on all the contracts and contacts made during the week), animated the weekly meetings to understand the advancement of each opportunity, and ran the executive forecasts. Time to time, I was also writing a few contracts and proposals. Those missions helped me to improve my knowledge in lead and account management. I have also been able to get real responsibilities in “opportunity tracking” for the rest of my internship.


Create the Business Intelligence Report

The Business Intelligence Report was a weekly report that I had to send to my boss to summarize the World’s Telecom news. I had to look every day for new articles on different websites (Commsupdates, cellular news and much other) that were spreading information about diverse contracts and mobile technologies. Every report had to summarize the five most important news of the week, and was supposed to lead me to new market researches about specific mobile operators.

Help the staff

Apart from the researches, and the business development tasks (including Salesforce management) I had an opportunity to do some recruitment for a week, which is something that I love as I have exclusively done it during my last-year internship in a Head Hunting firm. I even got the opportunity to conduct a meeting in order to value the best CVs and make a shortlist of candidates to contact. I also had to make sure that all the CVs have been reviewed and program the interviews schedule.

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