2 juin 2016
Cliffs of Moher


Ireland is a North Atlantic’s island, member of the European Union, and separated from Great Britain by the North Channel and the Irish Sea on the east. It is the third largest island in Europe. The Irish territory is politically divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers 80% of the land, and Northern Ireland, which belongs to the United Kingdom, in the northeast of the island.

The Republic of Ireland is ruled by a parliamentary democracy. It is headed by Enda Kenny, the prime minister, who represents the executive power. The legislative power is exercised by a Parliament composed of two chambers. The money used in Ireland is the Euro since January 2002 and was one of the eleventh European Union member states which launched the European Single Currency

Ireland is split into four provinces: Connacht in the west, Leinster in the east, Munster in the south, and Ulster in the north. It covers an area of 69 797 km² for 4 892 305 inhabitants (from July 2015’s numbers).

The "island" is well know around the world for its beautiful landscapes and its vaste green areas. Surrounded by the sea, the country offers plenty of amazing scenery as you can see bellow:


English is the most spoken language in the country in its overall, closely followed by Irish, which is only spoken as a first language by a small minority but spoken as a second language by a larger part. Almost every Irish has at least some ability to speak it.

The national Irish holidays is called the "Saint Patrick’s day" It takes place on March 17th and is characterized by parades and festivals all across the country. People gather in the streets to honour the memory of the Irish saint patron, Saint Patrick. He is known for driving the snakes away from the island, and to have explained to the Irish people the Christian principle of “trinity”: the father, the son and the Holy Spirit in the same god. To do so, he’s shown them a clover with three leaves, today one of the ultimate symbol of the island. The most extensively practiced religion in Ireland is indeed Christianity (in the form of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism).


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