22 mai 2016

Saint Patrick’s cathedrale

Dublin St. Patrick's Cathedral is a gothic style cathedral and the Irish headquarters of Protestantism. As we know it today, the monument dates from the 12th century, but is located on a worship location: a former church in which, in the fifth century, St. Patrick would have called and baptized the first faithful (Hence the name of the current cathedral).

This is an important church for the Irish. It is located very close to his rival, Christ Church. Jonathan Swift, author of "Gulliver's Travels" and great defender of the Irish cause, was, from 1713 to 1747 the dean of this church. We can even find inside a copper plate indicating, in the soil, the location of his grave. The Normans replaced the first place of worship by a second construction in 1191. Many improvements were subsequently made during the thirteenth and seventeenth century. The church was indeed completely rebuilt to not let much of the original building dating back to the fifth century, leading to the cathedral that we see nowadays.

St Patrick's Cathedral is open to visitors and believers. The tour is however not free, and you must pay a fee of € 5 per person to enter the monument … You can therefore admire the Gothic architecture dear to the thirteenth century and its stained glass windows, as for the beauty of its nave. Do not miss in the north transept, the altar dedicated to the writer Jonathan Swift, who was the one of the deans of the cathedral, and buried within its walls. You will discover a death mask of the writer, as well as some of his personal items.


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