16 mai 2016

Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park is the second largest park in Europe, located 3 km northwest of the center of Dublin. It has indeed an area of ​​712 ha (that is to say, two times larger than Central Park) and a circumference of 11 km. This enormous extent also enables some artists to perform outdoors during the summer, we will remember not particularly U2 in 1983 at a festival and The Cranberries in 2001.

The park consists of large lawns, tree-lined avenues and wooded areas, there are also sports fields for polo and cricket. It is also home to wild deer herd, little timid (though remote) that tourists and locals trying to coax some carrots with the time of a photo. Overall, the park is ideal for a picnic, do some sport, or just hang out in a nature rich in fauna and flora.

Its name comes from the Gaelic pronunciation fionn uisce that means clear waters. It is true that in summer, the park allows many musical groups to perform in the open air (

Inside the park is the official residence of the Irish president and the residence of the Ambassador of the United States. Despite of their beauty, those sumptuous residences are all slightly isolated to avoid too much proximity with walkers.

The Phoenix Park also shelter the Irish police headquarters, an obelisk of 62 meters (the Wellington Monument) and the papal cross, a large cross planted for the visit of Pope Jean Paul II in Dublin in 1979 at the foot of which he celebrated a mass. Finally, the park is the home of the Ashtown Castle, a restored medieval tower.

The Irish are very proud of the Phoenix Park which is filled with lakes, gardens, sports fields and even a zoo (Dublin Zoo). € 16.50 plan to enter in it: a fairly high rate, but which ought to delight children and other animal lovers of all kinds! Lions, giraffes, elephants … There will be something to marvel at so many animals!



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