22 juin 2018


Tea in China

Teal, like silk and China, is often thought of as a symbol of China.

It was originally produced in China about 4000 years ago.

Tea is an important contribution of the Chinese people to the world.

Over the past several thousand years, tea had been the most favored drink of the Chinese people. 

Teahouses have always been an important setting in the life of the Chinese people.

Drinking tea is still widespread habit. It is closely related to the everyday life of ordinary people.


Tea drinking 

Drinking tea is to satisfy the needs of the body as well as the mind. 

A cup of refreshing tea is able to relive a person of thirst while giving comfort and pleasure. 

The Chinese also use tea to express respect, to purify the mind and to better perceive the meaning of life.


Important features of drinking tea : 

  • Cleansing : tea prefers to grow in clean places. The cleaner a place, the better the quality of the tea it nurtures. A cup of fine tea can help the body become cleansed and balanced. 
  • Seeking leisure : a cup of tea can parry the sound and fury of the secular world at arm’s length. In the process of sipping tea, the mind may become as calm as a lake on a windless deep night. A cp of tea may open up a new, boundless world.
  • Paying respect : the Chinese people have long fostered the custom of expressing respect by presenting a cup of tea. They treat guests with tea as a sign of respect, regardless of whether they are thirsty or not. 
  • Ways of savoring tea : the Chinese people look to tea drinking as an art, which incorporates a wide range of knowledge. Great importance is attached to the water, tea leaves, tea set, and fire when making and drinking tea. 


Four tenets that a tea drinker should observe the Chinese tea ceremony : color, aroma, taste and form



  • Different teas have different colors, such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea. When making tea, people have different colo requirements for these different teas. 
  • Fine tea should have a special fragrance of its own. 
  • Tea itself has a subtle bitterness, which, if one sips it slowly, could turn into sweetness.


Different types of tea : 

  • Green tea : not fermented, is best when it is fresh. The famous green tea is Longing tea of Hangzhou, and Biluochun of Jiangsu. 
  • Black tea : completely fermented. Famous black tea : Qimen tea of Anhui and Diun black tea of Yunnan.
  • Oolong tea is half fermented and is a distinct Chinese form of tea. It is mainly produced in Taiwan and Fujian. Famous one : Tieguanyin 
  • Dark tea is processed by adding water to dried green tea leaves, which are then fermented gradually. 


Scented tea : 

There are a variety of scented teas, including chrysanthemum and Jasmine tea, the favorite of northern Chinese. 


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