22 juin 2018

Synthesis of my courses in China

We had the chance to have many courses in China by teachers that come from France or are not a Chinese teacher, and made their courses in English. 

They often came for two weeks and at the end of these we had our final exam of the course. 

Then we also had courses made by Chinese teachers that is linked to China but also in English. 

Actually our first course was English, with a women teacher called Mila. We trained a lot on the Toefl and on a Ted Talk which was very interesting and we learned many tips on the Toefl exam.

Then we had marketing plan with Mr Mosesco which is a French teacher of Ipag.

In his course we learned many information on different companies and how they usually work.

It was a bit the same thing as we saw basis of marketing as well last year but in term of getting informed about the company and their strategy we get into it a lot. 

After there was the marketing in the international context where an English teacher came to taught us about analysis ads and so on.

I really liked that course as there were some ads that we see a lot on TV but there are messages and subtil things that a common people that doesn’t work in cannot understand.

Plus we learned a lot about how to create ads and by who…

We watched many ads and the teacher asked us questions to make us participate in order to make his course dynamic and not bothering. 

The last course we had was innovation and product launch where a French teacher explained us what is important and how launching a new product but in an interessant way as he made groups and let us work with his advice to make us understand how people that does this job proceed. 

I found this way very great for us as we could better understand what he wanted from us and what people have to think about before launching an innovation.

Actually it consisted to understand consumer’s problems, anticipate them and find the best way and date to launch the product. 

It was my favorite course I think. 

Now I am going to talk about my Chinese courses. 

We had three which were : Chinese culture, Doing business with China and Chinese language. 

The first one was very interesting and we learned a lot about that country with our teacher.

The country overall, population, different ethnies, Chinese food, tea in China and so on… And the teacher organized many activities for us during class time to discover China in reality for example : the tea ceremony or Tai Chi demonstration. 

Like that we had a real vision of their habits. 

Doing business with China was a course a bit complicated to me, not about the content but about the atmosphere. 

Everything was very interesting but we did not know on what to be really focused as there were a lot of information and some points were not understood of everybody. 

But it is true that doing business in another country than ours is difficult and we need to be informed about their processes, habits… That is why this course was useful for all of us if we want to work with another country in the future. 

Finally, Chinese language was to improve or learn the basis of Chinese language AND writing. 

As we all know, the language and writings in this country is very different from the others and it is very difficult to understand what is write on a billboard, on a menu and also to speak. We can not analyse and guess the words. 

So having Chinese language lessons was the best thing as we are staying there for three months and a half, but we did not learn everything like just basis of the language. 

It would take too much time to learn that language just in months, I think it takes years to learn well that language. 

So we learned to say where we were from, our names and asking directions and so on… Which is a good beginning. 


Overall, courses were very interesting and helpful for our future, even if we had only two weeks of each courses then we only saw basis and a bit more but not deeply analyzed the course.

But in three months it would have been too complicated. 

I would have not imagined this courses that interesting I do not know why but I had a wrong idea. 

Two weeks kept us awake and into it as it was a short time to learn and understand everything. 

To me it was a very good quarter with goos teachers that have a passion for their job and try to make us feel the same feeling as them. 

We can see that they did their best to communicate all they could about their courses and their knowledges. 


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