22 juin 2018


Martial Arts

Martial arts of the Shaolin temple 

Martial arts, or Wushu, Kungfu, are typical demonstrations of traditional Chinese culture. 

These practices are used for strengthening the physique, for self-defense, and for trading illnesses. 


In Chinese martial arts circles, Shaolin Temple enjoys great repute for its distinct style of martial arts. 

Shaolin Temple, located on Songshan Mountain in Henan Province, was first built at the end of the 5th century. 

Shaolin martial arts have developed a variety of forms over the long years, hence the attribution of « 72 types of Shaolin martial arts ». 

Shaolin partial arts include long boxing, short boxing, knife and stick play and sword play. 

Shaolin Temple has had a far-reaching influence on Chinese martial arts. 


Taichi Chuan


As one of the main sports to help people stay fit, Taichi Chuan is very popular with Chinese people. 

It used to be a martial art, but since it aids both self-defense and health, it quickly developed become a main method of physical exercise. 

Taichi Chuan can adjust the different systems of the human body, functioning as a method for disease prevention. 

« Taichi » (The Supreme Ultimate) is a Chinese philosophical term. The Book of Changes (Yinjing) attributes the origin of the Eight Trigrams to it. 

Taichi is the source of all things on Earth.

The Taichi is circular in shape, including the Yin and the Yang and Taichi Chuan was created exactly on the basis of this theory. 

Being circular is one go the important characteristics of Taichi Chuan. 

Performing Taichi Chuan is just like daring circles again and again? 

Its pursuit of flowing rhythm amidst the changes of the yin and Yang which accords with the Taichi philosophy that Yin and Yang interchange, infuse and change. 


Three principles of Taichi Chuan : 

  • Keeping one’s body soft and relaxed
  • Mental focus and natural breathing 
  • Practicing it slowly and every without breaking the smooth flow of coherent movements. 


Generally speaking, Chinese martial arts are a type of defensive martial arts, where offensive attacks is not the main goal. 

Resorting to force only when there is no alternative is one major characteristic of Chinese martial arts. 

Chinese Kungfu developed under the great influence of Chinese culture.

Ir borrowed widely from ancient medicine, ethics, religion and aesthetics. 

It also adapted aspects of philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism. 

It has been influenced by the Chinese philosophical theory that « man is an integral part of nature ». 

Kungfu masters believe one cannot achieve the aim of practicing unless he achieve harmony with the universe.


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