29 mai 2018


Means of transport

There are many ways to go on different places but sometimes some are most convenient than others.

For example to go to the university, the best way is to get a scooter, because it is not far away of where we live and it goes faster than a car as you have special roads for scooters and you can enter in the university and go anywhere you want.
You have to rent it and the only thing you have to be preoccupied on is to charge it almost every day because it doesn't have a lot of battery as it is an electric scooter.
But generally you have electrical outlets almost everywhere so it is not very hard to charge it. 


Then you have the app Didi Chuxing which is like the Uber app, you enter your phone number and your credit card if you have one and you can order a Didi. 

It uses your localization, finds you and brings you from where you are to the address you enter when you ordered the Didi. 
Plus, when you order one you can chose the way of payment so as we did not have a Chinese credit card we always click on "cash payment".
Some of Chinese drivers are great on the road but some of them are completely crazy like they think they are in the movie "Fast and Furious" : they are going as fast as possible and take speed bumps without slowing down which means that we literally had our posteriors which took off from the seat and out head tapped the roof of the car. 
Others kept talking to their phones, writing texts or calls therefore they were zigzagging or were very very slow.


If you want to go to Kunming it is impossible to go over there with the scooter as it is too far away. 
Then you have three options : taxi, didi or subway. 
Taxis are convenient but can be expensive and the comfort is not the same as a Didi, plus you have to show the address in Chinese which is not very easy to find sometimes. 

We took the subway only once and I think someone that seaks English has to explain you the way because it is not easy to understand for the first time and should do it many times before being independent. 
Moreover it is very long, there are not a lot of seats and a wave of people can arrived and being stucked to each others which is not agreeable at all.


We took the bus once but it was for a short time and to get the subway after so I do not have a good vision of it to talk about this mean of transport. 


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