23 mai 2018


Social media in China

Here is China, social medias are not allowed like the most well known one don’t exist there.
As I said in one of my previous article, we need to buy a VPN in order to have access to them. 
Otherwise there are Chinese social medias that replace the other one. 




The first one in China is Tencent QQ (1 billion of users)  launched in February 1999 which is an instant messaging and other services such as blogs, mails and online payments. It is ahead Whatsapp, Yahoo and even WeChat. Once after a hurricane which damaged many electrical bases, QQ has been the favorite for people to communicate about their health and conditions. 




WeChat is like WhatsApp but more. Not a simple app to communicate, it became a multination platform.Users can order a taxi, book a table in a restaurant, book a plane ticket, make money transfers, investing or even buying online and more… 
It is a very convenient app and multipurpose and loved by Chinese people : 8 billion of red envelops have been sent for the Chinese New Year’s Eve and they made more transactions than PayPal in 2015. 


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Sina Weibo is often called the « Chinese Twitter » which is very appreciate by many compagnies, organisations or public people and celebrities. It releases the latest news instantly.
It allows to people to debate on a subject and communicate on the security, for example local authorities opened a Weibo in order to inform people and have information in return. 
But it offers more opportunities than Twitter, there you can write 10,000 characters and even change the text (character font, size…) 




Baidu Tieba belongs to Baidu group, search engine the most used by Chinese people, Baidu Tieba is one of the biggest communication forum in China. 
This is a social media (forum) based on key words like Baidu. Tieba has the biggest online community with 200 millions of accounts and more 8 millions of forum. 
By keywords users can engage a discussion, it is simple to use ans you do not have to get an account to see the content. 




Tencent RenRen is the "Chinese Facebook" as much as the apparence than the functions.
It comes from the first generation of Chinese social medias with almost 100 millions of users nowadays. 
Launched in 2005 by a group of students and one of the first social media that has been registered in China. 
But it has some difficulties to competes with the others in China that is why they have chosen to be oriented on « games online » 


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