21 mai 2018


Our favorites restaurants

We discovered different restaurants where we go pretty often. I am going to share with you our favorite ones. 

The first is a little restaurant just down our hotel where we always eat the same thing but we have never been ill after a dinner over there. We always take white rice with beef but beef that is cooked in different ways. Sometimes the chief (that is very welcoming and kind with us) change the recipe and give us spicy beef or sometimes not spicy and can also change the garniture with the plate. We feel like home there because they are always nice and sweet, they directly understand what we want and it is not expensive at all. For two people we used to pay 56 RMB which is like 7 euros and we the portion is enough big. 




The second one where we go not that much but we loved is at the hotel La Fontaine Blanche, where we can have a private room for us and on the menu we have different meals (shrimps, meat, fish…) there is a big variety and that is why we liked it. Plus the quality of the food is very good and we feel that a real cooker is behind these plates. It is more expensive that is why we do no go over there often. 


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At the second floor of the district we found a restaurant that cooks fried chicken pretty well. French fries are good, chicken is good as well and we can chose if we want it very spicy, mid spicy or not at all. The smell and the taste is very good it is not too oily and greasy. We also go there when we want to eat something different from the Chinese food even if they serve chicken with rice as well. 




Not a long time ago we discovered I think our favorite restaurant of the trip. It is hide in a little street and could not discover it without going in this type of street. Actually it is the only restaurant that give us the envy to enter in : a cute terrasse is there and the decoration is very cosy we feel good when we go there. There are benches very comfortable, the waiters speak a bit of English AND the menu is in English. There are pastas, pizzas, potatoes cooked in different way and my favorite dessert is in the menu : the fondant au chocolat. We were so happy to have this and we go there at least once a week because everything is good there. 

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