15 mai 2018


Dragon Gate

My second excursion in China was the Dragon Gate. We went over there early in the morning with a didi (which is the Chinese uber). 
I left with 9 people of which two was buddies from my classmates. 
When we arrived we took a cable car in order to get at the first step of the Dragon gate. We arrived and there was a temple where we could take pictures and have first vision of Kunming and its lake. 
Then we had to buy tickets to take another cable car and get to the final step and after we had to walk until the Dragon Gate. 
It was very beautiful because we had an entire view of the city and the weather was perfect. 


IMG_6964 IMG_6957










   We stopped a little bit to have a snack (potatoes) because we were hungry and we began to walk to go to the highest point of view of the activity. It was amazing as we could see everything at 360°.

After that we had to go down by foot in order to see many temples and the Dragon Gate. Each temple had a "theme" like a temple was dedicated for war, another for pregnancy where couples can come and pray to have a child and so on… It was beautiful and a large view of the city and the lake again.

IMG_6961 IMG_6960 IMG_6959
There were many trees and stones which make charm of the visit. 

IMG_6958After the visit we decided to have a real lunch as we saw a big poster with good meals on it. 
We arrived at the restaurant and the decoration was super cosy and we could feel an occidental ambiance. When we get the menu, there were burgers, pizzas, pastas, clubs and even Evian water which is pretty incredible here. We were so happy to be here and we enjoyed the lunch as much as possible. The bench was very comfy and the buddies fell asleep 5 minutes after sitting on it. 

IMG_6963For the dessert I took a brownie which was delicious ! I was a bit scared at the beginning as in China the chocolate is not very widespread and well cooked but I have been really surprised.
Then we went to the terrasse under the sun to take a little coffee and go back to the hotel. 


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