14 mai 2018


First excursion in China

We went to the zoo of Kunming early in the morning with a little bus for seven people that we rent the day before. 
When we arrived we bought an all-access ticket which means that we could go everywhere and an access for the bus that brings us from a place to another. 
The first activity was with bears, monkeys, birds, fishes and then we took a bus to go to see bigger animals such as rhinoceros, zebras and giraffes where we could feed them with carrots. It was very funny, we took many pictures with them and approach them closely. 

IMG_6933 IMG_6935

IMG_6938 IMG_6939

Then we also went to see pandas because the zoo is reputed to have many pandas but we were a bit disappointed as there were only two pandas and they were sleeping, but it was great to see them in real even if they were not dynamic.

IMG_6936After that we walked a lot on a long bridge where we saw different animals like snakes, parrots, red panda… And the final was to see lions and tigers where we also could feed them with a long fishing rod which had a big piece of meat. A lot of people were teasing tigers of putting that piece of meat in front of the tiger and when they wanted to catch it they ride up the meat to make them not catch it. 

IMG_6937 IMG_6940










Then boys wanted to go to see baby tigers where they could have them in their arms, taking pictures and so on but my friend and I did not want to go there as we know that these babies are drugged. 

We came back to the bus to go back to the entry because the bus driver was waiting for us but the bus stopped at a place where a show took place with monkeys and other animals, we did not go to see it and walked a lot to the entry of the zoo but we took 30 to 40 minutes to go back under the sun and the heat so it was not very agreeable to do that as they absolutely want to make us go to a way where there is a tiny amusement park. 

We finally met the bus driver and decided to go to Kunming in order to shop clothes or even just take a drink to take a rest as we were very tired. 

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