6 mai 2018


Prepare your trip

Before your trip in China you have to get prepared carefully.

First of all you have to ask for a visa, otherwise you can not enter in the Chinese territory.
So you need to get informed on the website of the visa centre or by someone that knows what to do.
It is very important to do that by advance because it takes time to get the visa, so be careful of dates.
The first document you have to fill in is a fill in document to ask the visa where many information are required such as : your name, date of birth… and information on your trip like : arrival date and departure, for which reason (studies, visit, work…), for how long, where will you stay…
Then you need to gather all the papers they ask. You need to have your plane ticket (it is better to have an exchangeable ticket in case of changes) and an official paper of the place you will stay.
It is important to have a photocopy of all these papers and to have two counterparts at least. Plus on the fill in form you have to put an official picture like those you put on your passport.
Then you go to the centre, they check if everything is good, if your passport has a validity that goes longer than the date you will leave China otherwise you need to get a new passport.
After that they will give you a date when you have to take your passport back with the visa within it.


A really important thing too is to buy a VPN, because in China all social medias are forbidden. Then you need to buy one for the number of months you want and activate it in France and not in China otherwise it will not work. The two best ones that we have all bought is : Express VPN and Nord VPN. They are really effective and we can have a navigation exactly like in France : Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, your mails, Google etc…

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Then, the luggages. We were leaving for three months so we had to take a lot of things with us and first of all, to know what kind of  weather there is.
Kunming has the reputation to be the eternal spring, but cold in the morning and the evening and sometimes a bit of rain. Therefore we had to take many light clothes but hot ones as well.
Plus it is important to take a bit of food because here there is not a lot of sweets or cookies so it is always good to have some things that remind you France. 


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