24 avril 2018


Food differences

The Chinese alimentary is very different from the European. 


First of all : the water. Actually it is really advisable to not drink the water from the sink because of bacterias and apt to be sick after that.
So you always have to buy water in bottle either in restaurants when you go to eat or in groceries if you want a bit bottle of water. 
In addition to that when you go to a restaurant they first serve you a glass of tea and if you order some water they will come back with a glass of hot water, Chinese people don’t drink cold drinks during their meals. Therefore you have to translate to them that you want a bottle of water because otherwise they will come back with a glass of water of the sink with ice. 

Plus, overall, if you want to drink a beer or a soda it will often be hot, by hot I mean that they don’t put it in the fridge, or they put it but the fridge does not work so you have to order ice in order to have a cold drink.
The way of eating is not the same as well, as we all know, asian people eat with chopsticks so if you are not able to eat with it you have to ask for a spoon as knife or fork don’t exist in restaurants or you have to go in a restaurant where you can find European food or in big cities. 



When we went to bars (little ones) and we wanted to drink a glass of whisky or other alcohol, either you have to buy the bottle or they serve you a glass of low end whisky. 
The main food that you can find here is : rice, noodles, mushrooms, beef, pork. 
Often you will find skewers with meat or vegetables on it (spicy or very spicy) and that is not bad at all! 

You have to be careful of the food in case of being sick after a bad meal or bad ingredients. Mainly when you buy food that is wooked outside, in fact you will have many stands where people will cook for you different type of meal. But is it a bit risky and you have to chose the right stan and the right food and not trying a meal that looks weird


IMG_6367 IMG_6366








Actually the meat have to be well cooked, if you see that is is not enough cooked you have a chance of have stomach ache after. 
Plus, the food here can be spicy and sometimes very very spicy, so if you don’t have the ability of eating very spicy you can be sure of having digestion problem. 
That is why you have to ask to the waiter is it is spicy or something not very spicy. 

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There is a type of meal very well-known here it is called the « hot pot ». 
You have a big cooking pot at the middle of the table where it is heated, and you have two parts within it : one part is spicy (or very spicy) and the other one is not spicy. Then you order different ingredients (meat, noodles, mushrooms, vegetables…) and you put it in the cooking pot and you wait until it is ready. 
On one hand, that type of food is great because you share with everyone that is at the table and it is pretty good but on other hand you quickly fed up with the smell and sometime you lose you food in the cooking pot.












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