21 avril 2018


Visit of the university

For the second day my buddy called me in order to visit the university and get a sim card for my phone as it is much easier here, otherwise you keep asking wifi everywhere you go. 
Therefore if you need to call someone or if you have to use google translate to order some food or trying to communicate with Chinese people, it is better to have internet on your phone.
Plus Chinese people don’t talk English so it is pretty difficult to have a well good communication between each other. 
So we bought a sim card : the first month is free and after you have to pay like 36 yuan for 30GO of internet and calls/texts unlimited, you can even chose your telephone number.


Then, we visited the university, our different classrooms where we will have our courses, the school cafeteria, the dormitory’s building, different places where we can do sport, banks or where we can eat. 
I was impressed of how much the university is big. 


You have big buildings, different doors to enter inside, fountains… There even is a small lake with a lot of fishes where you can feed them as well.
Actually if you have no motorcycle it is pretty long to run through the university and it is more convenient. 
We ate in the canteen at midday and it was pretty good but we have to put money in our student card in order to eat over there, you can not pay with real money. 
After we went to see a football match (just few minutes), and they brought us to Nandu. 
It is a pretty place next to the university where you have many restaurants and where you can buy fruits, bakeries…


Just after that, we took a taxi to come back to our hotel at the middle afternoon, we were very tired as we walked a lot. 
We took a nap and went to dinner. 

We discovered a little restaurant next to our hotel where you can eat some French fries, potatoes… The only restaurant where you can find a bit of European food as we miss it a lot !
It is a lovely restaurant and managers (you only have women there) are very kind and speak a bit of English which makes that place even more likely. 


IMG_6338 IMG_6339











The jet lag was there and none of us was tired so we decided to meet our classmates that are in a flat and go to a bar next to our hotel. It was an intense day and went to sleep quickly. 
The day after boys wanted to go to the university and rent a motorcycle as it is easier to go over restaurants, shops or university. Otherwise you have to go by bicycle, by foot or take a taxi, there is none bus that goes from our hotel to the school so the better solution is the motorcycle. 

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