10 avril 2018


From France to Kunming, China

I took my flight to go to China on 9th march 2018.
My parents came with me as it is the first time I am travelling by myself. 
I met few of my classmates in the airport then we asked at the fight recording if we could sit next to each other, like that the flight would be more enjoyable. 
Some of their parents were there as well and went with us to the control door and left. 
We bought food to have in the plane as we knew that we would be hungry very quickly.
Actually there were not a lot of people in the plane therefore we had the opportunity to be lied down on an entire range of seats which was very comfortable for us. 
We had 12 hours of flight which was pretty long at the end, plus, I can’t sleep well in planes so I arrived very tired in Kunming. 
In addition to that, the food was not very good and movies were not very interesting so I spent my flight time to listening to music. 

When we arrived at the Kunming’s airport, our buddies were waiting for us and were very welcoming; mine wants to be named as Mila.
They were able to speak English and one of my classmate is speaking Chinese so it was easier for us to make us understand by our buddies. 
A little bus was there and we took it to go to our hotel. 
The path was long, like 1 hour and the bus did not drive very fast.
The road from the airport to our hotel was very boring and there was no landscape, only construction site, we had the impression that they are building city or a war landscape. We were a bit annoyed about that. 
We finally arrived to our hotel and I was dreaming about a bed and sleeping an entire day. 

But problems arrived. 

In fact, few months ago we had to make our reservation if we wanted to be in one of the hotels Ipag proposed and pointed out what kind of room we desired.
I booked a big room with two beds and a living room with Garance one of my classmate but the man of the reception told us it was not possible to have that type of room because we had to have Chinese papers, I began to be angry and there even was not a real reception of the hotel plus we could enter in the hotel’s floor even if we had no room as the elevator is free to access in the street. 
Then I called one of our referent here in China to explain her the situation and the problem was that the room had a problem and we could not have the room until it will be solved. 
Therefore they gave us another room but we were very disappointed about the arrival and having these problems whereas we wanted to take a rest of the travel. 
Moreover the Wifi did not work and there was problems with windows and bathroom. 
Sophie (our referent) came to our hotel to solve everything and we finally lied down into our bed and took a nap before going to eat with our buddies. 

After the nap our buddies came and brought us with a didi (it is like Uber in France) to a little part of the city where there are few restaurants, bars, shops… It began to be very interesting to us because the district where our hotel is, is not very funny and there are not a lot of things around. 
We ate rice with pineapple which was very surprising and after they showed us a restaurant where you eat noodles in a soup and you put different ingredients within (such as mushrooms, ham, salad or chicken feet for example). 






Two of our classmates are in the hotel next to ours and told us that it was very clean and people were kind so Garance and me decided to visit the hotel and rooms and if it pleased us we would change of the hotel. 
That is what happened, we changed the same day and the room was much better, there was a real reception and you feel secure in your room. 
We were so tired and we went to go to sleep for a long night. 


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