12 septembre 2017
GMIT Article

First week in Galway


As part of my third year in IPAG Business School, I had to choose a partner university. I chose Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Ireland. My first challenge for this expatriation is to improve my english.

Today I will tell you about my first week in Galway. I took the plane at 4 p.m. in Tours the First September. I arrived in Dublin at 5:45. My friend, an other student, Orlane arrived at 6 p.m.. To get to Galway,  we needed to take the bus and the journeys takes 3 hours. So, we arrived in Galway at 10:30 p.m. We didn't know the city. We decided to take a taxi to go home.

Upon arrival at the house, we were welcomed by our roommates: Asia and Alessandro, 2 Italiens students. They study in other university : National University of Ireland near to the city center.

Saturday, we discovered the city with its transports, its shops ect. Galway is a little town with many charms.After, we decided to do the path between our house and our school with the bus to know the duration. It was raining so we did it quickly. We discovered the outside of our school. It looked very large and very modern with an architecture composed of green windows. (Cf. Picture)

Sunday, we prepared our things for the next day because Monday, it is the first day of "Induction Week".

Monday, for the first day, we met all Erasmus students. The majority being Spanish and French. We filled in the administrative papers and we ate together. The french teacher came to see us, she is very nice and she said us "If you have a question, come to see me ! " 

Tuesday, we finished our learning agreement and administrative papers.

Wednesday, we met the mayor of Galway, we did a speech to welcome us, to describe the Galway's lifestyle and to tell us the Galway's story.

Thursday, we participated in the induction day of the first students of our section to understand the functioning of the school.

It was a great first week and I discovered THE bad weather (It's raining everyday).



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