3 juin 2018

Summary of export mission

During my volunteering mission, I had to think about a product or a service which I can export in France. I chose to work about the GO-JEK application, an application I discovered here.


GO-JEK is a services application founded in 2010 in Jakarta by Nadiem Makarim. It is present in all corners of Southeast Asia, and more generally in Indonesia. Initially, the application was used as a means of transport, like Uber or Heetch for example. Its particularity is to be an "Ojek": a taxi service by scooter. Now, it offers many more services, here are the ones we selected:


GO-JEK team

The application strives to offer a simplicity of life to its users: their slogan is "An Ojek for every need". Indeed, the application will face strong competition, whether direct or indirect. The competitors we think at first are Uber and Heetch, who dominate the market and who will be our direct competitors, but we can also take example on GO-MART or GO-SHOP which will be competed indirectly by the supermarkets that offer a 'Drive': shopping on the internet by choosing to pick up the bags at the store or deliver them at home.

To manage this project, this is our team:




Our target at the launch of this project will be students living in urban areas, between 18 and 25 years old. They are active people who are eager to learn and discover. In a second step, we will try to convince professionals aged 25 to 35 years old who are also living in urban areas.

With regard to pricing policy, we decided to apply a market penetration policy. We want to set a price lower than that of competitors, in order to enter the market more easily. Also, margins will be generated by the difference between the acquisition cost of certain products and our selling price.

For example, a 10-kilometer Uber race costs € 22 or € 2.2 per kilometre. We will then establish our cost per kilometre at 1.50 € for GO-RIDE and 1.90 € for GO-CAR. If we establish that a basic user will use GO-CAR three times a month, for journeys around 10 kilometres, it will cost then 1.9 * 10 * 3 = 57€/month. For the first year, we would like to achieve a turnover of 1 026 000 000 €.

For this, we will implement an advertising campaign through the radio and billboards, mainly present in the metro as well as bus stops / tram. This will allow us to have a high visibility / audience at low cost. Then, we want to establish ourselves on social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter, in order to create our community and be closer to our partners. Finally, we will implement a sponsorship system through influencers, which will allow us to get to know quickly and cheaply.

We are a qualified and motivated team, ready to implement this project by following the different steps that I have just presented and although its implementation in the Hexagon will require some adjustments, we sincerely believe that this application will be revolutionary for our users.

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