9 mai 2018


When you want to stay for four months in Indonesia, after two months, you must leave the territory to get a new visa. We went to Singapore !

We arrived in Singapore the 3rd of May, so on Thursday. We went to drop off our luggage at our Airbnb and then, we went to the National Museum of Singapore. We saw an exhibition about the cultural development in Singapore, after the independence. It shows that at the early 1920’s, Singaporeans were influenced a lot by the Western and Chinese codes (mode, art…). But, after the 1960’s, they tried to reintegrate the Malaysian culture, as well as the Indian culture in issues as theatre, cinema, books, and so on. Now, it’s really a cosmopolite city. After the Museum, we went at Orchard Road, quite the Time Square of NYC, to do some shopping. It was impressive.

On Friday morning, we went to Little India, a district influenced by the Indian culture. I was quite disappointed because I expected a district with a lot of colours, scents… but it’s pretty bland. Sure, we ate in a good Indian restaurant, we did henna and we walk around the markets, but it wasn’t that nice. On the other hand, we went to the Arab district of Singapore in the afternoon, and that was really amazing. The district is made of small streets, really coloured, with small shops and bars. We saw the Masjid Sultan Mosque, which is really beautiful. Hopefully, it was a happy ending for this day.

On Saturday, we walked up to the Art & Science Museum, in the South of Singapore near the Marina Bay Sands. During the walk, we passed by the Merlion Park where we could see the Merlion statue, representative of the city. The statue is quite small but it’s good to see it. In the Art & Science Museum, we saw an exhibition about the birth of street art. It was crazy and so colourful, I loved it. We walked around the Marina Bay Sands and went to the rooftop to see the view: it was so gorgeous because we saw all the city by night, it’s such a great memory.

Sunday was our “green day” because we went to the McRitchie Reservoir and to the Botanic Garden of Singapore. The McRitchie Reservoir is the most important water reservoir of the city, there is a huge lake and you can do some activities as paddle, kayak, fish and so on. It’s a good place to have a walk and chill with your friends or your family. Then, the Botanic Garden of Singapore is really huge, but what I preferred is the Orchid Garden we saw, it’s a private garden comporting hundreds of different species of Orchids. After that, we just went to have a drink in Clarke Quay, such a nice place to have dinner. It’s also very colourful.

On Monday, we visited Chinatown, in the heart of the city. It was such a nice walk, we saw the Buddhist Tooth Relic temple, the Sri Mariamman temple and the Thian Hock Keng temple. We really felt in China. In the afternoon, we walked until the Garden by the Bay to see the sunset there and to see the Garden by night. I think it’s the place I preferred in Singapore, it was unbelievable, as we were in Pandora. It was a good way to end this trip in Singapore.


Garden by the bay

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